Direct China access with Nanhua

Nanhua Financial can help foreign investors access China

The QFII (Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors) mechanism allows licensed offshore investors to trade and manage a wide range of onshore assets and financial instruments.

These include:

  • Listed securities
  • Commodity futures and options traded on futures exchanges
  • Financial futures and options traded on the China Financial Futures Exchange(for hedging purpose)
  • Bond, currency and interest rate derivatives traded in the interbank market
  • Onshore fund vehicles, e.g., public offered funds and private securities investment funds

At Nanhua Financial in London, we can offer a full QFII service.

We can help you apply for your own QFII licence using our parent company expertise in China, making the process as straightforward as possible.

Alternatively, you can work through us with a QFII-licenced Nanhua entity.

Either way, rest assured at Nanhua Financial we can help you directly access China via the QFII mechanism.

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